Beautiful 3D jewels

Coloured 3D Bows (24 Bows)  *Colours may be different from pictures*

Price:  R42


3D Silver Nail Charms (12 Charms)

Price:  R60  (SOLD OUT)


3D Colourful Shapes

Price:  R35  (SOLD OUT)


3D Colourful Circles

Price:  R50


3D Gold Shapes

Price:  R35


3D Gold & Silver Shapes  (OUT OF STOCK)

Price:  R50


Small 3D Gold & Silver Shapes

Price:  R35


3D Pearl Shapes

Price:  R35 (SOLD OUT)


3D Nail Charms (9 Charms) - Various designs  (OUT OF STOCK)

Price:  R48


3D Silver Gems

Price:  R100



Gems (R15 for 20):

Round available in: Silver, Blue, Lilac, Gold, Red, Purple, Green, Maroon & Light Pink.


Teardrops available in:  Silver, Green, Blue, Purple & Red.



Full Spangles (R6 for 20):

Hearts available in:  Orange, Red, White, Silver & Pink.


Stars available in:  Gold, Orange, Silver, Yellow & Purple.



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