Nail Sealer:  Protects nails from yellowing due to the UV rays of the sun.  Ideal for a customer who frequently use tanning beds. Produces a high shine and durable finish.

Price:  R38


UV Acrylic Top Coat:  Excellent top coat for acrylic.  Cure for 2 minutes under the UV Lamp.  Can be removed with non-acetone polish remover.

Price:  R32


Crystal Clear Top Coat:  A non-yellowing high gloss top coat with excellent toughness and durability.

Price:  R40


Out The Door Top Coat:  America's no.1 super fast drying top coat.  Non-yellowing, high gloss top coat, dries in 45 seconds.

Price:  R55


X-tra Hard Top Coat:  Add strength & high shine finish to natural nails.  Perfect all-in-one coating as base coat and top coat.

Price:  R45


Glass Top Coat:  This durable coating is a fast-drying top coat with a beautiful high-shine and great solvent resistance.

Price:  R42



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