Keyring files and pattern files are used for natural nails and can also be sold to clients for home maintenance.

Keyring File - R5

Pattern File - R10


NailHut Files available in grits:  80/80;  100/100; 100/180; 100/240; 120/240; 280/320 and shapes:  teardrop, straight, banana, halfmoon.

Used to blend tips and gel when doing a fill.  Shaping and shortening of tips, fills and natural nails.

Price:  R10 each

Teardrop Files


Straight Files


Banana & Halfmoon Files


Tekkie File


File 24-Packs available -  R220

Tekkie Files 18-Pack available -  R160


Baby File (100/180) - R3,50 (Compared against Teardrop File) (OUT OF STOCK)


4.5" Thin File - R5 (Compared against Teardrop File)


Sapphire File - R16.50


Sapphire File with Cut End - R20


Glass Files Small - R20

Glass Files Large - R40




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