Sponge boards are used to prepare the natural nail plate for product application.

The blue sponge board (240 grit) is used on the natural nail to remove the shine.

The orange sponge board (180 grit), the purple sponge board (100 grit) and the yellow sponge board (100/180 grit) is used to buff on the product to blend tips and also to blend the re-growth of Gel or Acrylic with natural nails.

Price: R17 each


Mini Sponge Boards - R14 each



2-Way Sponge Board 100/180

Price:  R17



Block buffers are also used to blend tips in with the natural nail and blending the re-growth of Gel in with natural nails.

Available in a wide range of colours.

Price: R10 each




Snowblock Buffer Single

Price:  R12



Buffers 10 Packs (available in various colours)

Price:  R90 per pack


Snowblock Buffers (10 Pack)

Price:  R110 per pack


Chamois Buffers can be used for buffing and for shining instead of using a top coat.

Price: R18



Also used for shiners:

Miracle Shiners.

Price: R17



2-Way Miracle Shiner.

Price: R14 each



4-Way Miracle Blocks.

Price: R14 each


3-Way Fatty Shiner.

Price: R14


3-Way Thin Shiner.

Price: R14



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