NailHut Gel is durable, self leveling, flexible, strong, buffs easily and lasts 4-6 weeks if applied correctly.  Can be soaked off with Acetone.

The Clear Gel should be used as a base gel on natural nails or tips, to do extensions, as a base underneath colour gel.  The first layer is very important to ensure good adhesion to the natural nail plate.  The Clear Gel is crystal clear and does not yellow.


1.  Soft Clear Gel - a soft clear gel - Soaks easily and cures in 30 seconds.  When the weather is very hot, keep this Gel in the refrigerator as it is a very runny Gel. 

                  4g -  R90            10g - R165


2.  Clear Gel: "Pink Dot" - which is a bit thicker but also crystal clear, does not yellow and soaks easily.  Only cures for 30 seconds.

                  4g -  R132          10g -  R242


3.  Sealer Gel - an excellent gel, but only used as a sealer.  Only cures for 20 seconds and then the sticky residue removed with Sanitizer.  It will leave a stunning shine to the nails.  When the weather is very hot, keep this Gel in the refrigerator as it is a very runny Gel.

                 4g -  R105             10g -  R200


4.  X-tra Hard Gel - a gel with acrylic base.  Very strong and can be used as a base or top gel, good adhesion and also prevents yellowing.  

                4g -  R90              10g -  R170


5. Shimmerize Gel - also with an acrylic base.  A clear gel with silver shimmer - great to use as a top layer to give nails an extra shine!

                4g -  R105


6. Gel-X Top Coat & Gel-X Base Coat -  A clear gel Top- and Base Coat, convenient in a cutex bottle for easy application. Cures in UV or LED Lamp.

    12ml -  R165


Colour Gel -  The colour gel is also soakable:  Available in 56 exciting colours.

The #102 gel (white) can be applied to create a french manicure look.

Available in 4g -  R105

* The colour wheels are only an indication of the colours.


#224 Gel is a Matt Gel.  You can use it over any colour gel to create a matt finish.



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